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Policies at

Clearly a Craftinista



Items Eligible for Return/Replacement:

  1. Unworn/unused, new items in original condition and original packaging that have an error on our part due to spelling, color, size, etc. We will either replace your item(s) at no charge to you once the incorrect item has been returned or refund your purchase depending on the item(s).

    • NOTE: You have 7 days from the time the package has been delivered to submit this request.

    • Pictures must be sent with discrepancies.

  2. Jewelry that may break within 30 days after delivery. Picture and description of how the item broke are required and a replacement will be sent to you.

  3. Digital Files that you can show proof are not working or uploading to your computer. We will normally send you a file as soon as we can directly to your email.

    • Picture/screenshot must be shown showing the error you are receiving.


Items NOT Eligible for Return/Replacement:

  1. Items that have clearly been worn or used, not in original condition or packaging that have an error in spelling, color, or size, etc. due to buyers error in the ordering process. We will happily remake the items for you but you will have to repurchase at the original cost.

  2. Jewelry purchased more than 30 days ago, lost jewelry (example: jewelry that falls off when wearing it), or damaged jewelry from wear and tear, accidents, or negligence.


Here at Clearly a Craftinista we genuinely value each and every one of our customers. We pride ourselves on knowing all of our items are made by hand, customized specially to your liking so everyone may have a pleasant CAC experience!

During transit to you if the product(s) are damaged, lost, or stolen, locate the tracking number provided to you in your email when shipping noticed was received and file a claim with USPS. All of our packages are insured greater than the price of items.

Please understand that once items leave our hands and are in the property of delivery services we have no control over how fast or slow they can move. We see the same information on the tracking that you receive.

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